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Growing Up DioGuardi

A Small Business is Established

Joe learned his lessons well. In fact, he was a model student winning school honors despite the long hours he worked at the family store after school and on weekends. While other children were out on the street playing stickball, Joe could be found at the store or in his room studying or practicing his accordian.

Seeking a better life for his family, Joe, Sr., moved the DioGuardi family to Greenburgh in New York’s Westchester County when Joe was 16.

Home Video of Joe Growing up in New York

Young Joe continued to work in the store after school and during summer vacations, as did his brother and sister. Often, Joe would wake early with his father and load cartons of groceries and crates of vegetables at the Bronx Terminal Market before going off to high school at Fordham Prep.


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With the loving and faithful marriage of his parents as an example to guide him, Joe himself married and began his own family.

Joe and wife Carol (deceased) made their home in the Wilmont Woods section of New Rochelle with their two children Kara and John.

Kara DioGuardi

Kara grew up with a passion for music and for singing. Kara’s father, Joe, always encouraged her to dream big, but also to work hard to achieve those dreams.

And achieve she did… today Kara has evolved into an icon in the music industry. She has accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, producer, executive, and as an artist, including being named BMI’s 2006 Pop songwriter of the Year, as well as writing over 264 hit songs. Most recently, Kara has been named as the fourth judge on American Idol.

John DioGuardi

John, three years younger than Kara, works as a substance abuse counselor at Phelps Hospital, to help treat and prevent drug abuse.

Photos of Kara and John Growing Up
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