Kara DioGuardi Growing Up

Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi was born in Scarsdale, NY on December 9, 1970. As a child growing up in the town of New Rochelle, NY, Kara attende a conservative private school and dreamed of becoming a singer.

Kara grew up with a passion for music and  for singing. Kara’s father, Joe, always encouraged her to dream big, but also to work hard to achieve those dreams.

Here is a video of a DioGuardi family gathering in 1982 after John’s first Holy Communion and Kara DioGuardi singing after Joe’s encouragement.

Kara attended Duke University after graduating from high school, but the ambitious college student also had music on her mind. She attempted to launch her singing career after college and even landed a record deal. She eventually changed her focus to songwriting and her career has exploded ever since.